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    We combine skillfully Bulgarian traditions and modern technologies to process the milk. "Galkom" Ltd. produces wide range of high quality dairy products under tby brand "Kiana" which are easily disposed on the market.

    The production list includes: cow’s cheese/vacuum, containers/; yellow cheese from cow’s milk; cow yoghurt – 3.6%, 2%, 1%; buttermilk; pasteurized cow’s milk; yellow cheese curds and butter.

    The company pulls efforts continuously to broaden the range of the products well known to the market.

    The yoghurts are natural, without any preservatives and with direct bulgarian culture, which are not genetically modified, they have real taste and carry the precious experience of the bulgarian tradition.

    The cheese and the yellow cheese by brand “Kiana” are made from cow’s milk according to traditional technology of aging.

    The incoming control of the raw milk and the other materials guarantee that only quality materials will be used in the production process. The levels and milk processing technologies are controlled by the company’s laboratory and by an accredited laboratory as well – BAFS*, Blagoevgrad and DVSK members.

    To keep in the products what the nature has created “Galkom” Ltd. provides modern technological equipment for production and control under terms of all European requirements and standards. The company has adopted and put into practice world-wide systems of management and warranty of quality in the food industry: HACCP&GMP, a guaranty of tracing how the raw milk passes through the process of gathering, manufacturing and distribution to the trade Network.

    The ready product carries BG ¹ 1012021 for commerce in the European Union. "Galkom" Ltd. prepares a procedure of registration for work due to bulgarian standards of dairy products.

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