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    The motto of the company is

    "For the family and friends from the heart of Rila mountain"

    The milk processing facilities are designed and established entirely in accordance with the requirements of GMP on 1400 sq/m extended area, which includes production departments and refrigerated storages where the production is aging. The supply and processing of the milk, the production and trade with milk products is structured as a closed cycle. Production capacity is 50 000 tones of milk daily. Production capacities are situated on our private area at the foot of Rila mountain.

    The suppliers of raw milk are certified in compliance with the European parliament about organic farming and they are located in small pretty villages far from industrial areas. This is precondition for qualitative and specific pasture, which is the first and main element in the milk production process. The quality of raw milk corresponds to the requirements of annex III, section IX, chapter I of Parliament (UO) 853 / 2004.

    The purchase of the milk is accomplished by the company’s special transport after all the tests are made to see if there are any antibiotics or inhibitors. The material undergoes series of laboratory physical-chemical tests before the discharge of the material. The milk which is processed is natural and clear, under permanent control.

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